SWOPZ – The New Interactive Pen Craze

Swopz Interactive Pens Thanks to SWOPZ who kindly sent us some of their new interactive pens from Canada that allows kids (and adults) to Create, Collect and Share. They’re fantastic!

A SWOPZ Set comes complete with a pen and 4 Traderz which allows you to swop your pen pieces to express and create your own unique style.

Here’s what we had to say…

Grow your Collection

Swopz Interactive Pens Pack You can grow your collection with more SWOPZ Traderz packs which include 4 pieces.  Mix and match, trade with your friends and collect all the themes!

Entrepreneurs and Kids at heart

The people behind these innovative pens are Trevor and Angela, both experienced Entrepreneurs and true kids at heart. The began in 2015 when they wanted to bring back trading, collecting, and face to face interaction among young people. And, with a splash of creativity, interests and lots of fun, these genius pens were born!

Find out more about SWOPZ here.

Ginger and Nuts will be talking about these pens on their show later this week. You can Tune In and Listen on various stations.