Legally Blind Singer Rachael Leahcar impresses UK Radio Duo

Singing Sensation Rachael Leahcar
Singing Sensation Rachael Leahcar

Rachael Leahcar

The Voice Australia finalist Rachael Leahcar joined Ginger and Nuts for a live chat last week – and the cheeky radio duo was blown away by her unique version of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine‘.


The Voice Australia Finalist

The Australian beauty is well-known for her appearance as a finalist on the first season of the reality television show, The Voice Australia in 2012.

Rachael has a genetic condition called Retinitis pigmentosa, which affects your vision and she’s 90 per cent legally blind. And, in March 2019, she hit the headlines after being denied an Uber ride because of her guide dog.

Genetic Condition worsens

Taking about her condition, she said: “Over time it’s gotten worse and worse. When I was a teenager, I started to use a cane and, of course, coming into school with a cane, you just don’t want to be different from anyone.

You’ve got to have a sense of humour about it. It gets me through. I find it an inconvenience more than anything because there are some things I want to do, which my eyesight doesn’t let me do. Things like driving and just that independence.”

Unique version of a classic rock song 

Ginger and Nuts spoke about her ‘brilliant’ version of ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ which is taken from her new album, Shadows.

I was just trying to look for a rock song which I could turn on its head and have a bit of creative fun with. I came up with that one” added Rachael.

Download Rachael Leahcar’s New Album

You can download Rachael’s new album ‘Shadows’ on Spotify.

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