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SATURDAY KITCHEN welcomed Strictly Come Dancing runner up Joe Sugg onto the programme and chef Matt Tebbut ended up warning the YouTuber after he made a jibe about his girlfriend, Dianne Buswell.

Saturday Kitchen had former Strictly Come Dancing contestant and YouTube star, Joe Sugg, on the programme this morning.

Joe was there to taste some delicious food and, of course, discuss his career, his time on Strictly Come Dancing, as well as his girlfriend, Dianne Buswell.

He and Dianne met on Strictly Come Dancing after they were paired together and they ended up coming runners up on the popular dancing competition.

Joe had no prior dancing experience, yet the two won over the audience with their specular routines, and they obviously put in the hard work since Joe’s progress on the show was remarkable.

Saturday Kitchen: Joe Sugg WARNED for Dianne Buswell jibe
Saturday Kitchen: Joe Sugg WARNED for Dianne Buswell jibe (Image: BBC)

Once the show had ended they revealed they were now together and they have since started a YouTube channel together, In The Pan With Joe And Dianne, yet Joe received a warning from Saturday Kitchen’s Matt Tebbut after he said something about Dianne which might land him in some trouble with his new girlfriend.

“So listen. Now, you didn’t win Strictly. You were a runner up. But you did come away with a beautiful new girlfriend,” Matt began.

“I did! Yeah,” Joe replied, and Matt added: “So, you did in a sense, you won.”

“I did. I did,” Agreed Joe and Matt then revealed: “And now, you’re doing a YoUTube channel with her, aren’t you?”

“Yes, we’ve just sort of started,” Joe answered, before adding: “I mean, she, Dianne claims… well, she is half Italian.”

Matt then issued a warning to the Youtuber, saying: “Claims? Wow. You’re getting in trouble.”

The chef then clarified: “She’s Australian though, right?”

“Yes. She’s half Australian, half Italian. So that automatically apparently makes her good at cooking,” joked Joe.

He continued: “And we, we both enjoy it, we both love learning new skills. She’s got that competitive edge obviously from the dancing.

“So we thought it would be so good to start a little channel together where we cook together, against each other, with each other sometimes, that kind of thing.

“So we called it In The Pan With Joe And Dianne, which has a ring to it,” he finished.

Hopefully, Joe won’t end up being in too much trouble with Dianne for his joke on Saturday Kitchen.

Meanwhile, radio presenter Sara Cox came on the show last week, discussing her new book amongst other things. However, when the discussion turned to sharing a dessert, Matt had quite the response for Sara.

Sara asked Matt and co-host Olly Smith about their etiquette when it comes to sharing food, with the guest enquiring: “Do you share a dessert because my husband…”, before Matt quickly interjected.

“No, that’s inappropriate,” Matt remarked, before Sara went on to explain why she’d asked as Matt chuckled away.

Sara continued: “My husband once went out with a mate, and when he came back I said, ‘What did you have and what did you have for dessert?’

“He went, ‘Oh me and Olly shared a dessert,’ and I was like ‘Really? Cute,’ I thought that was cute,” Sara added.

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturday’s at 10am on BBC One.

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