Bullies shattered dreams for budding actress

Budding Actress Rachel Damerell affected by bullying at school
Budding Actress Rachel Damerell

Rachel Damerell

Rachel Damerell has always dreamed of being an actress. However, constant bullying at school by students and even teachers shattered all hopes she had.

In an exclusive interview, she talks about the awful times with bullying at school.

“I got bullied quite a lot in secondary school. I did like drama class but there was a lot of people who just didn’t like me, I was never the popular girl.

There was an awful lot of just like pointing and laughing and whispering but making it really obvious they are saying stuff.

I was physically Shoved about by a couple of boys and a lot of rumours being spread around on social media.

It was just a constant stream and even from the teachers at some point.”

Financial Struggles

With the school bullies behind her, Rachel is now struggling financially. She can’t afford to pay for acting school, or even driving lessons.

Rachel added: “I can’t afford a driving licence at the moment or passport or anything.

“I’m pretty stuck. It’s difficult at times.

“I live with my dad at the moment and he puts in so much effort. I love him so much, I really do.”

The full interview with Ginger and Nuts is now available to hear in full by clicking the play button below.

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