NO ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ at Empire Sutton Coldfield

Tress cleaned up at Empire Cinema Sutton Coldfeild
Still plenty of greenery outside Empire Cinema Sutton Coldfeild

No ‘Chainsaw Massacre’ at Sutton Coldfield Cinema

Empire Cinema in Sutton Coldfield took immediate action after reports of drug dealing and inappropriate behaviour at the back of the cinema.

NO Dirty Rats

Local residents also complained about rats. However, they must have been ‘Flushed Away‘ after Environmental health officers from Birmingham City Council found NO EVIDENCE of an infestation.

Empire Cinema still went above and beyond to protect residents and cinema-goers from the reports of drug dealers and inappropriate behaviour.

No more green screen atter Cinema Manager shouts “CUT”

The community-focused cinema employed a team of ‘professional’ tree surveyors who carried out the necessary checks. They cut down the type of screening that customers didn’t want. As a result, the trees, hedges and foliage now look much more tidy.

No trees protected by a tree preservation order were affected.

Despite the cinema’s exhausting efforts, local residents branded the clean up as a ‘massacre’ and claim it’s now an ‘eyesore’.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Linda, who lives in Holland Road, said: “The drug dealers need to be caught, not destroy the natural environment.”

Rear of Empire Sutton Coldfield
Rear of Empire Sutton Coldfield has been cleaned up.

No moreBad Boys

Des Christie, General Manager at Empire Sutton Coldfield, said: “Over the last few months we have witnessed inappropriate things on the car park, which does include drug dealing.  They use the area around the trees to mask the deals.

We also have people actually taking drugs towards the rear of the building where there are a lot of trees and shrubbery. This is not what we want at Empire Sutton Coldfield, and it’s unfair that our customers witness this behaviour.

Problems with Fly Tipping

We also experience fly tipping within our car park area. People dump rubbish, fence panels, along those hedges. We needed to do something to combat the problem.

We were hoping that the work being completed would be looked upon as future improvements reducing foliage for rats to nest, increased safety in and out of the car park, as well as opening up the area so inappropriate deals cannot be hidden and showing a care to maintain the areas around the cinema.”

Local residents claim a massacre and an 'eyesore'
Local residents claim a massacre and an ‘eyesore’

Praising the ‘Cut Backs’

Despite the few protesters, many cinema-goers at Empire Sutton Coldfield have praised the ‘cutbacks’. They say it has also helped when exiting the car park which was dangerous.

Nuts added: “I would always opt for a nicely trimmed bush than looking rough around the edges, who wouldn’t? So, let’s be clear, certain residents would prefer drug dealers and inappropriate behaviour if they had the chance to save the trees. Really?

Reports of drug dealing at Empire Sutton Coldfield
Reports of drug dealing at Empire Sutton Coldfield

Latest Crime Stats

According to the latest crime statistics in this neighbourhood since March last year, 294 (29.6%) of violent and sexual offences took place. There were also 331 (15.03%) reports of anti-social behaviour and 278 (12.62%) burglaries.

Ginger said: “Maybe the residents will thank Empire Sutton Coldfield next year when hopefully these crime figures start to plummet as a result of their prompt actions.”

Last year, Ginger and Nuts branded Empire Cinema in Sutton Coldfield the best in the UK. They will be talking about this on next week’s show so make sure you tune in and listen.

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