Moe Goust | From X Rated Snog with Pop Star to ‘Nan’s Not Hot’ fame

Bubbly Moe Goust has not only snogged Max George from The Wanted, performed with Big Shaq, but has also appeared in many TV adverts and dramas.

Moe Goust - Nans Not Hot for Radio 1
Moe Goust appeared in 'Nan's Not Hot' video for BBC Radio 1

Moe Goust

Moe Goust boasts an infectious personality and the chances are, you’ve probably already seen her on television.

The outgoing pensioner has starred in many TV adverts including Clipper Tea, Sun Holidays, Specsavers, Marmite, Mcdonalds, BMW and so many others.

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Acting in Holby City

Moe has also appeared in pop videos with Olly Murs, as well as BBC Dramas such as Eastenders. When she starred in Holby City, she said: “I just had to lay in a bed and they come round and asked me what’s wrong, and I had to say I had Piles.

X Rated Snog

In 2013, Moe hit the headlines when The Wanted’s Max George kissed her at a bar, but it was all done in jest for one of the band’s music videos. More here. However, Moe explained that during the shoot for the video, the director asked if she could do it again because she was a bit too X rated.

Moe snogs Max George from The Wanted
Moe snogs Max George from The Wanted

Nan’s Not Hot

The talented Moe Goust is also a keen rapper and appeared alongside  Big Shaq in the ‘Nan’s Not Hot’ video for Radio 1. It was a ‘send-up’ of the huge hit, ‘Man’s Not Hot’.