Model, TV Artist and Budding Entrepreneur Holly Townsend

Entrepreneur Holly Townsend from Cheshire now designed funny slogan t-shirts
Holly Townsend

Budding Entrepreneur Holly Townsend

Cheshire based model, TV artist and budding entrepreneur Holly Townsend joked with Ginger and Nuts about her failed business ideas.

She said: “I thought why don’t I set up a cookie dough brand to sell little tubs of cookie dough at kids birthday parties“.

Due to her other dog grooming business, she found she was restricted in terms of time. Therefore, she decided to put the business venture behind her. However, she later discovered a similar cookie dough venture had been set up, turning over a staggering £35k a month.

I literally sank in my seat” added Holly.

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Funny Slogan T-Shirts

The long-legged beauty has now come up with a clothing brand. The funny slogan T-Shirts are specifically designed for tall people who work out at the gym.

Talking about the unique idea, she told us about dropping weights at the gym and the loud noise it makes, which causes sweaty heads to turn.

“It’s a long distance to the floor” joked Holly.

Model, TV Artist and Budding Entrepreneur Holly Townsend
Holly’s funny slogan T-Shirts (Credit: Instagram @barbiehatescindy)

Holly has appeared on various televisions shows as a TV extra. These include Hollyoaks, Age Before Beauty, COBRA and Cold Feet.

The budding entrepreneur now wants to quit her degree to work on a safari lodge serving animal-themed cocktails.

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