‘999’ West Midlands Ambulance Service saved my wife after Miscarriage

Ginger and Nuts cancelled last week’s show after Kat (‘Ginge’) collapsed and was unconscious, moments after leaving hospital.

Kat suffers Miscarriage Miscarriage on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, the bubbly presenter was rushed into hospital with heavy bleeding and was released by doctors with advice to rest.

Moments after arriving home by taxi, Kat collapsed in the doorway and was unconscious.

West Midlands Ambulance Service were amazing

Her husband Darren, also known as ‘Nuts’, immediately dialled 999 and praises the operator with West Midlands Ambulance Service who took his call.

He said “It was so frightening because the colour just drained from Katherine’s face, her eyes rolled back and she was not responding. Her breathing was shallow and my heart just sank. I honestly thought I was losing my wife, my best friend and soul mate.

The 999 operator was so reassuring and stayed on the line with me. I remember she told me to put Kat on her side. Shortly after, Kat mumbled some words, it was like a miracle and will I never forget that moment.

“In my eyes, the 999 operator who answered my desperate call saved my wife. I am so thankful to her, they all do an amazing job.”

The marvellous crew from West Midlands Ambulance Service attended and did all the necessary checks. However, Kat decided to stay at home to rest – not realising the panic and distress she had caused moments before.

Collapsing in a pool of blood

During the night, Kat collapsed again in a pool of blood in the bathroom, as well as several times throughout the night. Every time, West Midlands Ambulance Service attended.

All the paramedics, technicians and 999 operators were amazing. I started to feel as though I was wasting their time but they all told me to keep calling if she collapsed again,” added Darren.


Recoveryfollowing Miscarriage
Katherine resting in hospital

At one point, Darren remembers putting a massive clot into a plastic bag which he thinks was the unborn baby, but wasn’t sure.

“It was heartbreaking to say the least and I just can’t talk about it. I still have flashbacks” added Darren.

Kat was rushed back into hospital and following an examination, she was told she was not able to eat or drink due to the fact they ‘might’ need to operate.

With no food or drink for 28 hours except for a fluid drip, Kat started to experience a migraine attack which didn’t help. She was getting weaker and was physically and mentally exhausted.

Urgent Blood Transfusion and Operation

Due to the massive blood loss, Kat was told she needed an urgent blood transfusion but still had to wait several hours for the blood. When it arrived, the nurse accidentally pierced the blood bag and despite trying to patch it up in true Blue Peter style, it had to be scrapped. Sadly, Kat had to wait several hours for a replacement bag of blood.

We would both like to thank everyone who donates blood. What you do might be simple, but it’s also truly remarkable so thank you,” added Darren.

Ultrasound Scan

Having a scan to ensure nothing remained in Kat’s womb sounded straight forward. However, being left in the same waiting area as pregnant ladies waiting for their first or second scans was upsetting.

I couldn’t believe we had to wait in the same area. I am sure it can’t be helped but it was just so uncomfortable. Kat was already distressed after coming to terms with her loss. She didn’t need to know if the lady opposite was having a scan print out to announce her good news” explained Darren.

Emotional decision

During the evening, Kat underwent surgery and the next day, she started to look refreshed and felt so much better. She was also able to eat and drink which put a smile on her face.

One of the hardest decisions was yet to come. We had to decide together on whether we wanted any baby remains cremated or buried.

Darren said “We both tried not to cry but you can’t help yourself.  I guess the reality that we had lost, what should have been our bundle of joy, had finally started to sink in.

Student Nurses deserve a medal

The nurses on Ward 23 at the Manor Hospital in Walsall were amazing. The student nurses, Maddie and Emily were extraordinary and both deserve a medal for being so nice.

Kat is taking it easy but would like to thank everyone for their lovely messages of support. You can still email Katherine (studio@gingerandnuts.co.uk) to cheer her up or tweet @gingerandnuts