LUSH Review | The Eggcellent Easter Indulgence Collection for 2018

By Darren Yates

The latest Easter Collection from LUSH includes new bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gels and soaps. Our honest LUSH review is based on six Lush-tastic items.

We all know that LUSH is one of the nations favourite cosmetics brands. The latest Eggcellent Easter collection of handmade products start from just £3.75, and they’re all Vegan Free!

Ginger and Nuts got the chance to experience some of the latest products from LUSH. The cheeky duo now  have proof that there really is more to Easter than just Chocolate.

Lush Review | Free Rangers Bath BombFree Rangers Bath Bomb, £6.95

We love this so much! Ginge wanted to keep it on the shelf, but Nuts had to spoil the fun! It’s a fun bath bomb that comes in a variety of colours and smells a bit like  ‘Refreshers’. It breaks into two parts which makes it easier to share without leaving any mess.  It’s made using a blend of bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute. The touch of cypress oil helps to “keep you in beak performance”. 

Lush Review | Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, £4.95

It’s a golden egg! Again, we love it! A unique bath bomb that’s covered in golden glitter (Nuts was covered!) He dropped it in the bath, watched it dissolve and then soaked up the aroma of Brazilian orange and honey. He thought he was in the Bahamas! It contains uplifting bergamot and almond oils as well as fair trade organic cocoa butter to make sure you experience a luxurious moisturising bath. Nuts claimed it did leave him feeling silky and smooth. You’ll love it!

April Showers Bath Bomb, £3.95

To create your own April Showers, drop this cloud-shaped fizzing little treat into the bath and you’ll be on cloud nine. The bathroom was filled with the smells of Cedarwood and Cypress Oils. The Bath Bomb also contains fair trade cocoa butter, Violet Leaf and Tonka absolute.

Poisson D’Avril Bubble BarLush Review | Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar, £5.95

Our very own Ginge loved this one! This cute little fishy not only fills your bathtub with bright orange bubbles. It also fills the air with a mystical, mossy fragrance. It’s bursting with cinnamon leaf and spicy black pepper oils to create a radiating warmth. It’s got a splash of neroli oil to make you feel bright, uplifted and toned. The Woody oakmoss absolute gently cleanses skin. Nothing is scaled down when it comes to this bubble bar.

Here Comes The Sun Shower Cream, £9.75

Lush Review | Here Comes The Sun Shower Cream

Just like a shower gel but without the packaging. It’s total genius and certainly one of our faves! It’s full of bergamot oil and fresh orange juice to brighten up any day, or mood! That’s not all, the Fair Trade shea butter creates a super softening experience for your skin while cup mushrooms keep the skin refreshed and toned. With avocado oil to moisturise and tangerine and Sicilian mandarin oils to lift the mood, you will feel fantastic! It lasts ages too!

BAA BAA Bubble BarLush Review | BAA BAA Bubble Bar, £4.50

The Sheep that helps you sleep! Ewe need to try this amazing bubble bar! Simply crumble under running water and let the soothing concoction of lavender oil, tonka and ylang ylang prepare you for the best nights sleep, ever!

Chick Out the latest range from LUSH

In addition to letting us review some of their Easter delights, we would like to congratulate LUSH on being voted one of the best retailers to work for the UK. And, according to its staff, they have the best working culture of any retailer in the UK. 

Here’s what we said about LUSH on our radio show

Please note, we cannot claim credit for some of the puns in this post. Therefore, let’s all give a big cheer to the creative team at LUSH. Now, go out and buy some LUSH products!

Free Rangers Bath Bomb
Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt
April Showers Bath Bomb
Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar
Here Comes The Sun Shower Cream
Baa Baa Bubble Bar
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