German Actress Kate Stone wants to be in the next Hollywood Blockbuster

Kate Stone | German Actress


German Actress Kate Stone from Baden-Württemberg was the latest person to be interviewed as part of our ‘Ordinary People’ feature – and wants to be in the next Hollywood Blockbuster.

German Actress Kate Stone
German Actress Kate Stone

Guten Tag Kate

Presenter Nuts tried to be clever with his German. He kicked off the interview by saying “Guten Tag” to the multi-talented 19-year-old. But Kate explained it was easier to just say “Hallo”.

Kate talked about how she grew up being on the stage. Over the last 15 years, she has performed in more than 30 musicals but admits she doesn’t like singing that much.

She said, “I’m trying to get away from the musicals and go into more films and theatre stuff. I want to be more of a real actress“.

Learning some German Phrases

Later in the interview, the cheeky presenters asked if she could teach them some German phrases. Trying to say ‘We are Ginger and Nuts’ in German caused the usual studio giggles.

There are so many people who want to try German and there are a whole lot of videos of English people trying German language. It’s so funny” jokes Kate.

Smooth Talker

Smooth-talking ‘Nuts’ commented on how well Kate spoke English which made her blush.

Nut said “Kate was such a lovely person with a fun personality. She can come back on the show anytime to teach us some more German”.

Here’s our interview with Kate

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