Interview with Antony Botting, Pebble In The Dark Author

Author Antony Botting

Antony Botting is an author of the best-selling alien sci-fi thriller trilogy, Pebble In The Dark, which is available on Amazon.

Here’s our interview with Antony


Pebble in the Dark 

Pebble In The Dark

The discovery of a hidden extraterrestrial craft on Earth attracts attention from those who would seek to possess and learn from it. As the casualties mount, nobody is safe in this action-packed story of deception and violence. Available on Amazon.

Pebble in the Dark: The Trauma

Pebble In The Dark - The Trauma

An artifact known as the Pebble is found. When the Trauma begins, no-one is prepared. Terror descends, as life on Earth changes in an instant. The effects are felt worldwide as survivors face the greatest danger. Strange beings walk the surface of the planet as science, religion and criminal enterprise struggle to comprehend the offensive. Available on Amazon.

Pebble in the Dark: The Emissaries

Pebble In The Dark The Emissaries A sci-fi thriller and the third installment in a trilogy of novels by Antony Botting. Emissaries are sent by another civilization to investigate a transmission emanating from Earth. Arriving on a devastated planet, the Emissaries do not find what they expect. Available on Amazon.

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