Ice Age: The Lost Kingdom lands in Birmingham

An all-new animatronic outdoor Ice Age experience has landed at Birmingham Botanical Gardens until 28th April 2019

Ice Age The Lost Kingdom lands in Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Ice Age The Lost Kingdom at Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a spectacular outdoor Ice Age experience aimed at family audiences with over 40 impressive installations of animated life-sized beasts.

Visitors will learn about and come face to face with huge Ice Age beasts including the Woolly Mammoth, Smilodon (Sabre-Toothed Tiger), Cave Lion, Woolly Rhinoceros, Mastodon (giant elephants), Megatherium (Giant Sloth), Short-Faced Bear, Giant Beaver and many more.

These beasts from 70,000 years ago are brought to life through animatronics. This includes moving arms, tails swaying side-to-side, heads moving, eyes blinking and jaws opening wide. This event will make a truly awesome educational and entertaining Ice Age experience!

This is the first outdoor Ice Age experience of its kind in the UK. It’s a truly entertaining and educational experience for families.


Visitors will explore gardens and parklands and uncover epic life-sized beasts along their walkthrough journey with scenery and props recreating the Ice Age period.

Along the route will be a mini cinema, street food and drink stalls, fossil excavation pit and a merchandise shop for visitors to take home a souvenir of their experience.


Making its European debut, the perfect Easter family day out. Book tickets today HERE. And, if you use code PRESS20 and get 20% off all tickets today!

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