From Queens Guard to TV Personality, Model and Boxer

Gavin Francis was the Queens Guard, but born to entertain, he has become a TV Personality, Boxer, and is currently hunky model, Mr Aldershot.

Gavin Francis, also known as ‘Mr Aldershot’, is a 6ft 3″ Model and boxer. He was also known as the ‘Body Snatcher’ when he was in the Army.

During his 13-year career in the Army, his role was to guard the Queen.

Gavin told Ginger and Nuts, “I did the ceremonial duty, the Queen’s Birthday Parade and it was really good.

Obviously, to be prepared for it was a lot of stress, getting up early, shining your boots and doing all your kit. But, when you’re on parade, oh my gosh, it’s the best feeling ever.”

His army pals always told him he was ‘born to entertain’.

Following a memorable appearance on ‘Deal or No Deal’, he was asked to go on the popular dating shows, ‘First Dates‘ and ‘Take Me Out‘. However, he already had a girlfriend so had to decline.

Last year, out of 10,000 budding models, he came third to represent Aldershot. This time, Gavin is hoping to represent Hampshire in the Mr British Isles Elegant Finals, a national modelling competition.

Nuts joked: “You’re going to be a pin-up on the wall”.

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