Free Syndicated Radio Shows for your Radio Station

Free Syndicated Radio Shows

Looking for free syndicated radio shows for your radio station? Well, why not consider our weekly radio show – voted ‘Best Community Radio Show’.

Our free syndicated radio shows are already distributed across a network of UK radio stations, as well as on many US online radio stations.

Best Community Radio Show

We know that running a radio station doesn’t come cheap, so you can’t grumble at free content for your station!  That’s why we would be happy to work with any community radio stations interested in broadcasting the ‘best community radio show’ on a non-profit basis.

Contact us for FREE Radio Content

We’re already in discussion with a number of stations interested in taking our free syndicated radio shows, however, contact Ginger and Nuts if you’re keen on broadcasting our free shows.


Extensive research was carried out on our syndicated radio show and revealed that we attract a diverse range of listener demographics from wealthy execs, to struggling families, but specifically 25-54-year-olds with disposable income and a slight female bias. On average, we are estimated to have 7,000 weekly listeners to our radio show.

Syndicated Radio Show Schedule