Elvis is in the building!

Christopher John, one of the best Elvis Impersonators
Photo: Blue Phoenix Rising Photography, Emilia Raia

Best Elvis Impressionist

From cruise ships to Las Vegas, Christopher John is classed as one of the best Elvis Impersonators in the world.

As well as performing as Elvis. The impressionist has even married couples as the“King of Rock and Roll” in chapels up and down the Las Vegas strip!

Flawless Impressions

As seen on ‘America’s Got Talent’, Christopher John also performs flawless impressions of other big names. For instance, Robin Williams, Donald Trump, Sean Connery and Rocky and many others.

Throughout his career, he has also been fortunate to have shared the stage with big names like the original Drifters, Gary Pucket, Frankie Ford, The Crystal’s and The Dixie-Cups.

More recently, he has recorded the soundtrack as ‘Willie Nelson’ in the new movie,  ‘Charlie Boy‘.

He spoke exclusively to Ginger and Nuts on this week’s show.

Here’s the full interview