Australian Model Danica Jenner was being interviewed as part of the ‘Ginger and Nuts’ Show, due to be aired later this month.

Model and Actress Danica Jenner from Australia Instead of using the term ‘Hello’, radio Presenter ‘Nuts’ kicked off the interview with the famous Australian phrase ‘G’Day‘. However, Danica quickly responded by saying “I rarely hear anyone ever say G’Day.

Shocked Nuts said, “Don’t anyone ever say it in Australia anymore?” Again, quick-witted Danica responded with, “only old people.

Ginger chipped in with a comment about ‘throwing shrimps on the barbie‘, however, she was left somewhat red-faced when she was told, “I hate that.”

Wrong again

Armed with his production notes, Nuts talked about the budding actress living in Melbourne.

I live in Darwin, a place no one has heard of” added Danica.

It was all going horribly wrong for the cheeky presenters but was so funny at the same time.

So, you’re not in Neighbours or Home and Away yet?” joked Nuts.

No, I don’t live anywhere near where they film that … I don’t watch those shows” answered Danica.

Greatest Show

The bubbly brunette talked about her dream of appearing in a musical movie like ‘The Greatest Showman‘. She then burst into a song, which really impressed Ginger and Nuts.

Here’s the full interview…

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