Coleen Nolan has ditched her lady bush razor and doesn’t miss sex

Coleen, 54, said dating 'fills her with horror' and she's quite happy just sharing a bed with her beloved dogs.

Coleen Nolan has revealed that she isn’t missing sex following her divorce, and has even ditched her razor.

The Loose Women host, 54, said dating ‘fills her with horror’ and she’s quite happy just sharing a bed with her beloved dogs.

Coleen, who split up with her ex Ray Fensome last year, confessed she hasn’t bought a razor for weeks but does miss intimacy.

She told Closer magazine: “I hope I won’t be on my own forever, but if I date someone it’ll be because I really like them.

“I do miss hugging and kissing but I don’t lie awake at night thinking, ‘I really need a good s**g’.”

Coleen Nolan has ditched her lady bush razor
Coleen said she hasn’t bought a razor in weeks (Image: ITV)

Break Up

Despite their breakup, Coleen and Ray have remained close friends and he supported her when she was hounded with abuse after her onscreen spat with Kim Woodburn last year.

Coleen added: “Things got a bit toxic towards the end of our marriage, but we never really rowed and Ray was a huge support when I took time out.

“In fact, he still comes to stay.”

Bombarded with sexy offers

Despite her reluctance to return to the dating game, Coleen has admitted that she’s been bombarded with sexy offers from toyboys.

She told The Sun earlier this month: “I’ve been bombarded with compliments from people saying they’d love to take me on a date, but they’re usually too young.

“I’m insecure about going out with anyone younger. If I was Coleen Jones who worked in the supermarket up the road, I don’t think they would look twice at me.”

Coleen previously said she’d divorced Ray over fears she’d die of cancer, which is sadly common in her family.

Her sister Bernie died of the disease and her siblings Linda and Anne have both been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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