LISTEN: Shelfish Song success for Ceri Haggett

Ceri Haggett wrote a song named Shelfish, which has become an internet hit.


Ceri Haggett, a disgruntled husband felt his wife was taking up too much space in their bathroom. He decided to write a song all about it called Shelfish. The comedy song lists all the products his other half stores on the bathroom shelf.

He got the idea for the song from watching another comedian who made a throwaway line about not having much room in the bathroom. Ceri expanded on it – and ‘Shelfish’ was born, becoming a big internet hit.

Ceri told Ginger and Nuts how he started playing guitar 10 years ago after being bored on night shifts when working in London.

Radio Interview

Ginger and Nuts caught up with Ceri to talk about Shelfish, and to talk about his brand new album. It’s due for release in the next few weeks.

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