Central Cafe in Brownhills dishes up the Best Breakfast in the UK

Award-Winning Breakfast


Ginger and Nuts have revealed the best breakfast in the UK is served up at Central Cafe in Brownhills, Walsall. 

Let’s face it, the Full English breakfast has been a staple of the British diet since around 1840 and so nearly all cafes serve up the popular fry-up.

Central Cafe in Brownhills, Walsall already boasts Five Stars on Google with dozens of comments praising the food.

Best Sausage Sandwich in Town“, “Top quality best Sausage and Bacon on crusty in Walsall” and “best breakfast in town!” are just some of the reviews posted online.

For us, Central Cafe Brownhills really stands out from the crowd.

Central Cafe in Brownhills
Inside Central Cafe in Brownhills

Best Cafe in Brownhills

The cheeky radio duo have visited the popular Cafe in Brownhills on a few occasions in between recording features for their show.

Nuts said “It’s one of those real cafe’s who will always go that extra mile to accommodate customers. They simply serve exceptional food at great prices.

To sum up, we love the fabulous food, friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere too. Big thumbs up to Central Cafe in Brownhills“.

A Full English Breakfast consisting of Bacon, Sausages, Tomatoes, Eggs and Beans costs just £4.90 and that includes toast, as well as a mug of Tea or Coffee.

Ginger and Nuts will be talking about the cafe on next week’s show, but in the meantime check out Central Cafe on Facebook.

A Few English Breakfast Facts

  • A typical Full English has approximately 1190 calories.
  • The English Breakfast Society was founded in 2012.
  • Most common time to eat breakfast in the UK is 8am.
  • Breakfast isn’t complete without a cup of tea and Britain gets through 165 million cups of tea in a day.
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