Strewth! Aussie Model Bridie Cahill makes a splash on UK radio show

Bridie Cahill Australian Model

AUSTRALIAN Model Bridie Cahill was the first of our new ‘Ordinary People from around the World’ feature.

Bridie Cahill
Aussie Model Bridie Cahill

Bridie, 20 from New South Wales, Australia has been a professional model for a few years. She has worked for Castrol, Red Rooster, Brut, Camilla Frank and dozens of other well-known companies.


‘Nuts’ joked with the Australian beauty and asked if Aussies say things like ‘Strewth’.

She replied: “I can’t say I do, or anyone I know does”.

Our very own ‘Nuts’ seems to have more success with the phrase ‘Do you want to throw a Shrimp on the Barbie‘.

Get Some Pork on your Folk

Bridie told us “a big saying in Australia at the moment is, we have a lot of ads for meat and what not, and the new one at the moment is ‘Get Some Pork on your Folk’

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