Aussie Actress can’t stand the heat

Australian Actress Saskia Doran

Aussie actress and budding TV Presenter, Saskia Doran, jokes to Ginger and Nuts about being ‘fed up’ with the hot weather. It seems she would love some real snow. 

Australian Actress Saskia Doran chats to Ginger and Nuts
No Pin-Up of ‘Nuts’ on her wall

Talking about her acting work at Santas Enchanted Wardrobe, she said: “here it’s boiling hot at Christmas and sometimes you get fed up with it.”

Saskia Doran joins Ginger and Nuts on next week’s show to talk about her work.


The Australian beauty has also worked as a character waitress at various immersive dining event. For example, ‘Wizards Fantastic Feast’ in which an old church was transformed into the banquet hall from Harry Potter.

Saskia added: “My mom is a set designer so she recreates really well-known sets and does immersive theatre so that means there’s no barrier between the actor and the audience. So, I have acted in lots of her shows.

“She’s quite well known in Australia and does lots of big, big events here.”

Here’s the full interview with Saskia that was broadcast on the Ginger and Nuts Show this week.