Australian beauty Amelia Conway wants to touch up cheeky presenters

Australian Model Amelia Conway


Australian Model Amelia Conway
Australian Model Amelia Conway

From catwalks, fashion shows to front pages of magazines, Amelia Conway is known as the Australian Jennifer Lawrence.

I’ve done modeling since I was about 18 and I’m 30 now so a very long time” explained Amelia.

Magazine front cover

When asked about being on the front cover of a magazine, she described it as a “pretty cool feeling”, however, she explained photos are “edited up and made to look amazing”.

Amelia also works on photo editing during the day and joked about touching up the cheeky pair.


Amelia stole the show with her UK and American accents in which ‘Nuts’ said, “You’re multi-talented in more ways than one“.

Here’s the full chat with Amelia

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