Ginger and Nuts – Voted the Best Community Radio Show

Our syndicated radio show was voted ‘Best Community Radio Show’ and features the best music, as well as cheeky banter.

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Syndicated Radio Show

Ginger and Nuts is a weekly syndicated radio show that broadcasts the best in music. The show is blended with quirky stories, interviews with extraordinary people, competitions and amusing banter. While listening to our weekly radio show, we guarantee to keep you entertained whether you’re at home, on the beach, or stuck in traffic.

Ginger and Nuts - the free weekly syndicated radio show that was voted 'Best Community Radio Show'

There is so much planning that goes into producing the best community radio show. This ensures we’re attracting a high percentage of the 52 Million people that tune into radio through connected listening.

Our Online Radio Show

It’s one hour of fun, mayhem and cheeky banter to make your routine chores a little less annoying. This syndicated radio show is recorded every week and broadcasted to many radio stations at different times (daily). Check our full weekly radio schedule here.

What Makes Ginger and Nuts So Unique?

Ginger and Nuts have a different presenting style that makes their syndicated radio show stand out from the crowd. As a result of their captivating reviews, Ginger and Nuts are now working in partnership with leading brands. For instance, Empire Cinemas, Halo Top, Disney on Ice, Bondara, SharkNinja, Lush, Gulliver’s Kingdom, TwinLakes Park and many, many others!

Any time, anywhere, everywhere

Their show is now syndicated across a network of varied stations throughout the world. Although our biggest audience base is from the UK, our current stats show that our online radio show has an extraordinary number of followers from Denmark, California, Virginia, Florida, Germany, Ireland, and France. Above all, listeners from anywhere can tune in to our fast-paced best community radio show with their mobile phones, tablets, PCs and FM radio.

Broadcasted every week on popular radio stations, listeners can hear us on Radio Lichfield, Shuffle Radio, Just Hits Radio, EN5 Radio Gibraltar Gold Radio, Mersey Radio, Chippenham FM, Coastal Sound, itsNineRadio, Ambron Radio, Sound Radio Wales, Radio Folkestone, Radio Free Ukraine, Total Radio UK, X-Pat Radio Two, Creative Arts Radio, CAB Muzik Radio (Florida, USA), Part15 FM (Indiana, USA), Arrowe Sound, Chippenham FM, Radio Stonata, Radio Lichfield, Gibraltar Gold Radio and Heat FM Radio (USA).

If you want to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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