Ginger and Nuts – voted the Best Community Radio Show!

Whether you’re at home or sipping cocktails on the beach in Malibu, you can tune in and listen to our fast-paced weekly radio show on your phone, tablet, PC, or on FM radio. The Ginger and Nuts Radio Show is now syndicated across a network of diverse stations in the UK, as well as in Ukraine, USA and Gibraltar.

Ginger and Nuts were voted Best Community Radio Show

It’s one hour of fun, mayhem and cheeky ‘on-air’ banter that makes daily chores like ironing, school runs and sitting in traffic a little less boring. 

They have worked with big brands like Empire Cinemas, Halo Top, Disney on Ice, Bondara, SharkNinja, Lush, Gulliver’s Kingdom, TwinLakes Park and many, many others!

Heard across the globe

The Ginger and Nuts Radio Show can be heard on Radio Lichfield, Shuffle Radio, Just Hits Radio, EN5 Radio Gibraltar Gold Radio, Mersey Radio, Coastal Sound, itsNineRadio, Ambron Radio, Sound Radio Wales, Radio Folkestone, Radio Free Ukraine, Total Radio UK, Splash Radio, X-Pat Radio Two, Creative Arts Radio, CAB Muzik Radio (Florida, USA), Part15 FM (Indiana, USA), and Heat FM Radio (USA).

Every week, we try to update listeners with those quirky stories that caught our eye, as well as running competitions, interviewing guests and squeezing in features like ‘Ask Alexa’, ‘Who Swallowed the Helium?’ and ‘Steamy Windows’.

And, according to the latest stats, our biggest audience is in the UK, but we have a large following in Denmark, California, Virginia, Florida, Germany, Ireland, Ukraine and France!

Amazingly, 52 Million people listen to the radio through tablets, smartphones, and laptops. And, a whopping 47% of people choose radio as their first source of information. That’s why we’re on the right track to success in terms of driving our audience growth.

Find out more about Ginger and Nuts HERE or why not drop them an email live in the studio –