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Monday 12 November 2018 | 4:22 am


Listening to Ginger and NutsGinger and Nuts are heard across a network of FM, community and online radio stations, with listeners voting them the ‘Best Community Radio Show’.

Their ‘on air’ approach captivates audiences across the world as they bring warmth to their weekly one-hour show, together with lots of energy and cheekiness.

The married duo are continuing to drive audience growth on all forms of connected listening, specifically with 25-54 year olds. Research suggests they have an estimated 20,000+ listeners across the network – and growing!

As you know, Ginger and Nuts are always spreading the word about their favourite products, shows, films or just new brands who find it difficult to afford radio advertising. They have worked in partnership with with Empire Cinemas, Disney on Ice, Lovehoney, SharkNinja, Lush, Drayton Manor Theme Park, TwinLakes Park and many, many others!

In September 2018, they reached 217.8K people using Twitter alone. These statistics are provided by Twitter so we don’t need to make things up!

After Dark with Ginger and Nuts

Ginger and Nuts are broadcasting across a network of radio stationsIn addition to the family-friendly show, Ginger and Nuts are now working in partnership with Bondara, the UK’s online adult sex shop to present a late-night show, every Thursday at 10pm on Yorkshire based Hebden Radio.

Connected Listening

In a medium that is changing so quickly on a daily basis, you can listen to Ginger and Nuts in so many ways. Tablets and Smartphones seems to be the more popular, fastest and easiest way to listen. However, you can also catch them in the old-fashioned way like FM Radio, Laptops and PCs.

Ginger and Nuts Podcast

If you miss a show, you can catch their Podcast. You can either ask Alexa to “… play Ginger and Nuts Podcast”. Otherwise, you can download and listen on Google Play MusicAnchor FM, Player FM, Soundcloud, iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher. Subscribe to our feed here.