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Radio Duo: Ginger and Nuts
Radio Duo: Ginger and Nuts

Voted the best community radio show, Ginger and Nuts can now be heard on a network of FM, community, and online radio stations.

The one-hour weekly show features a mix of feel-good music, banter, interviews, reviews, and most importantly, interaction with listeners.

Ginger and Nuts create a fun and lively ‘on air’ atmosphere, and research has shown their joviality has made chores like school runs and ironing less boring. In simple terms, they could potentially make you smile when you’re having the worst day, ever!

Despite offers from companies to sponsor the show, the cheeky couple prefers to review products that make good radio. They are currently working in collaboration with big brands such as Shark, Ninja, Lush, Empire Cinemas, Disney on Ice, and even Lovehoney.  

With their common touch, listeners treat them as friends so promoting brands on the show is treated like ‘word of mouth’, the best form of advertising.

Working In Partnership with Big Brands


Ginger and Nuts attracts a wide demographic of listeners, but mainly 25 – 54-year-olds. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to establish accurate data in terms of listening figures because they’re having to rely on all stations to offer listener stats. However, nearly 90% of their 4000+ Twitter audience are UK-based, and the majority (73%) are female.

Tune Into the Best Community Radio Show

You can listen to Ginger and Nuts anywhere in the world on either FM Radio, smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Listeners have told them they are tuned in at the gym, in the bedroom and some even reported being on the toilet!

Ginger and Nuts Podcast

We now upload the show every week (excluding music) as a Podcast. If you have an Amazon Echo, say “Alexa,play Ginger and Nuts Podcast” for the latest show. Alternatively, we are on Google Play MusicAnchor FM, Player FM, Soundcloud, iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher. Subscribe to our feed here.