Ginger and Nuts

Female Listening to the Ginger and NutsVoted the best community radio show on Mixcloud and now broadcasting to a network of FM, community and internet radio stations now broadcast the Ginger and Nuts radio show.

The one-hour weekly radio show is a vibrant mix of banter, music, interviews, competitions and listener interaction. The best thing about Ginger and Nuts is the fact that you can listen to the show on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs as well as FM radio.

Married in real-life, Ginger and Nuts work well together to create a fun and lively atmosphere. They have the natural ability knack of making daily chores like school runs, ironing, or working less boring. With a common touch, they act as a kind of friend to listeners. This is perfect when promoting brands on air. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 52% of people are more likely to search for a brand online after exposure on radio.

Working In Partnership with Big Brands


Many radio stations now broadcast our community radio show making it difficult to determine accurate data in terms of listening figures. However, 73% of females make up our Twitter audience with 89% of our followers based in the UK. The latest data also shows our tweets are more popular with the 25 to 34 age group, which is our target listening audience. In February 2018, our tweet impressions reached 57.3k people.